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We are Emmy Award winning journalists and producers who know how to deliver results with powerful story telling through professionally produced videos and digital marketing.  Greenroom Communications opened its doors in 2008 after Sharon Delaney McCloud and Kim Dean Holderness  left the traditional newsroom to go out on our own. We’ve since added to our stable of talented content creators.  You might have heard of one of our newest team members…Penn Holderness.  Let’s just say that Penn’s decision to join Greenroom has helped bring in some new business.  Go #XMAS Jammies!

Sharon Delaney McCloud

Managing Partner

Sharon is an Emmy Award winning journalist who brings 20 years of media experience to her clients. She reported on the news in markets across the southeast with her last stop in front of the camera at NBC 17 in Raleigh, NC.  | full bio |

Kim Dean Holderness

Managing Partner

Kim spent ten years as a television journalist following the big stories in Florida, New York and with WRAL-TV in Raleigh, NC.  As a reporter in West Palm Beach she witnessed the fallout from the greatest election story of our generation. | full bio |

Penn Holderness

Managing Partner & Creative Director

After many years in local and network television, Penn Holderness is leaving the traditional newsroom behind to join Greenroom Communications as Managing Partner and Creative Director.  Penn was born and raised in Durham and attended Jordan High School, where he played basketball. | full bio |

Page Crawford Fehling

Director of Professional Development

Page Crawford Fehling is a third-generation consultant/trainer with 15 years of experience doing what she loves best; teaching adults and helping to guide them into vastly improved personal and professional life skills through dynamic, interactive, and most of all FUN training seminars! | full bio |

Jake Fehling

Social Media Manager

Jake joined Greenroom Communications in 2012 as a Social Media Manager. His creative writing style and ninja interactive skills make him a perfect team member. | full bio |

Ketty Kluth

Business/Social Media Manager

Ketti has over 10 years of experience as an Account Manager in various industries, including online event extensions, video production, and digital marketing. Her successful track record of business development is the result of her thorough understanding of the intricacies of relationship growth, management and retention. | full bio |

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